You "decided" to let the guy holding a gun have "the free punch?" Uh, as someone who has been attacked with knives and had a gun pointed at them in anger, this line doesn't pass the smell test.

Actually, the whole scene with the gun doesn't pass the smell test. Where was the gun when he flew into a fit of rage and punched you? Then he grabbed his gun but you "let him" have the free punch?

You make yourself out to be some kind of James Bond. Sleeping with married women and calmly taking a punch from her armed husband. Sure, buddy.

I started looking into crypto. I realized quickly that assholes like Elon Musk are holding - NO ONE KNOWS how much in cypto - while actively manipulating cypto values through social media. No thank you. My future and earnings are manipulated enough indirectly though oligarchs like Bezos, Musk and Gates. I'm not going to put my money directly under their corrupt, manipulating sociopathic control.

Want to take bets on which country and city deploys the first robot police dog with a gun mounted on it?

I had this shock decades ago when I moved from Minneapolis to Houston. Neither place has changed much since then. What has changed is national politics and the laws regarding the news. …

It is the difference between need and like. I don't need a partner, but I like one if it works. I'm very happy on my own, and very happily married. To a woman I met when I was just enjoying my life alone.

Interesting take and very valid. I've been saying for five years that you can take any rant by (for example) Rachel Maddow against Russia and replace "Russians" and "Russia" with "Jews." It sounds fucking horrible, and it is actually just as horrible against Russians.

Having read a lot of posts by you as I read the text I was thinking, "Really? That sounds kinda backwards to me."

Have you been stalking me, Stephan? ;-)

I agree with you, which is why I specifically wrote "this might apply to US corporate landlords."

I'm a landlord in Austria and our situation is similar to Germany's. In Vienna, where I live, the socialist city government provides lots of subsidized flats for lower income people, keeping rents low.

I've been building software since my university days back in the 80s. I've been running my own consulting and software company since 1994, mostly dealing with very large complex control and optimization systems.

Agile might be good if you have a small simple system. The bigger and/or more complex the…

Ah, those wacky billionaires. They think they'll find a way to keep their slavery system running even after the system collapses. The famous words, "No man is an island" could not be more true.

The slavery system only works when there is a system. Single billionaires can't run systems on their own. Slavery works when there is a whole governmental system to support it, even then it has huge problems. Withoutt a support system it will break down very quickly.

Hopefully I'll be taking a dirt nap before things get that pear shaped.

LOL. Yes, and not just Russians. My wife grew up in former Czechoslovakia before the breakup of the the USSR. We compared notes and realized kids on each side of the Iron Curtain were being fed the same bullshit about each other. While I was being taught to "duck and cover," she was taught to toss grenades at the Americans who would swarm over the borders to subjegate the proletariat.

Jack Albrecht

US expatriate living in the EU; seeing the world from both sides of the Atlantic.

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