The DNC March Massacre

Everyone talks about “drinking the Kool-Aid” but many people may not know the grisly background of the phrase. In 1978, Jim Jones convinced over 900 of his cult members to commit mass suicide by drinking punch laced with cyanide. It took decades, but the phrase has now come to refer to people who have been gaslit or brainwashed into believing something incorrect without any deadly reference. Ironically, the phrase is often used when trying to gaslight.

Source CBS News

In our post-9/11, internet-connected world it is hard to describe how horrible the Jonestown Massacre was. Over 900 people died, including the murder of a US Congressman. Until 9/11, Jonestown was the largest non-natural disaster in US history. The DNC March Massacre may surpass that horror.

On 17 March, 2020, the DNC convinced over 3.8 MILLION voters to risk their lives to vote — in the middle of a growing global pandemic and against the clear advice of the CDC not to gather in groups larger than 50 (as of 15 March, fewer now)! It is hard to put my head around this colossal willful disregard for human life.

Estimates are that 40–70% of all people will catch Covid-19. The virus has (currently) a 3.4% mortality rate. Did 40–70% of the people who voted Tuesday catch the Coronavirus while voting? We’ll never know for sure, but statistically it is virtually impossible that most of the people were not exposed to the virus.

Let’s be conservative: 50% of over 3.8 million = 1.9 million x 3.4%=129,000. Meaning 130,000 people could quite likely die directly due to the DNC/Tom Perez/Joe Biden/Jim Jones convincing people to go vote on 17 March. Most of those voting were in the age groups most likely to die from the virus (over 3.4% mortality). Voters were in conditions specifically advantageous to spreading a virus. It should also be noted (see northern Italy) that 3.4% is the overall mortality rate. If a huge spike in cases arises, say 2–3 weeks after the 17 March primaries, Arizona, Florida and Illinois hospitals will be overwhelmed, and the death rate will be much higher.

How many of the estimated 1.9 million who caught Covid-19 on 17 March will infect how many others before they start to show symptoms? What will the final death toll be from the DNC March Massacre? 130,000 deaths may be a low estimate and still be 100 times worse than the Jonestown massacre; 43 times more deadly than 9/11.

You can argue my numbers but not the intent of the DNC. The DNC values Biden’s nomination over the lives of their own voters. The DNC would rather 130,000 of their own voters die than delay a primary that they control. The DNC/Tom Perez/Joe Biden have almost literally convinced their voters to “drink the Kool-Aid.” If there is any justice those responsible will rot in prison for this.



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Jack Albrecht

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