Nice analogy and a reminder what Bill Cosby and people in general found “funny” only a few years ago.

I think of the Republicans and Democrats as officers Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald playing “good cop/bad cop” with the American public they’ve hauled in to the station for a shakedown.

Fitzgerald: You better gimme what I want or you won’t walk out of here on two good legs!!!

Joe Public: I haven’t done anything wrong. I know my rights. I want a lawyer.

Fitzgerald: I swear I’ll hit your head on that table so hard your mother won’t recognize you!!!

Fitzpatrick: Officer Fitzgerald, gimme a couple minutes alone with Joe.

Fitzpatrick: You gotta gimme something, Joe. I can only hold off Fitzgerald for so long. Last week he broke a guy’s arm before I could pull him off.

Etc., etc.

This scene has played in so many movies that it is a known and accepted method of police action, when really it is the police system (analogous to our political parties) using extortion and actual violence while denying the public their rights.

US expatriate living in the EU; seeing the world from both sides of the Atlantic.

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