Ironically enough, dad was a life-long R and mom is still a life-long D (maybe that’s why I’m independent for the last couple decades). I think the Bush years and now Trump would have at least partially cured dad of his Republicanitis (to be fair to dad, Eisenhower and even Nixon were worlds away from the things coming out of the mouths of people like Paul Ryan and Louie Gomert). I don’t read or watch Fox.

As far as being delusional, I’d say I’m a pretty good judge of the intelligence “evidence” as yet presented. I’m an electrical engineer with a concentration in computers by degree. Since then I’ve work in computer software for nearly 30 years, 23 of them running my own company where we do process engineering as well as systems integration and systems maintenance on a daily basis. Meaning I work daily with computer hosting, computer security, IP addresses, anit-virus/malware software, networks, servers, IT security, etc.

I have read and understood all the documents released including the original analysis from Crowdstrike and all the US IC derivatives thereof. There is no “there” there, and that is my professional opinion based upon my expertise listed above. Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear, APT 28, APT 29, Sofacy, FireEye, and the other pseudonyms for the groups of known hackers are just that, pseudonyms. That is as far as real identification has gone. Some of the “evidence” used to apportion blame to the GRU or FSB is laughable. Read the documents: You’ll never find the words, “it was the GRU” or “it was the FSB.” All just weasel words and an enormous number of pages of “filler.” Much of the “evidence” Crowdstike claimed was based on their claim of a similar hack in the Ukraine. However, people closer to that hack-the Ukrainian military and IISS- refuted that and claimed Crowdstrike misread their data (respectively) and Crowstrike walked back their claim that was the basis of their Russian hacking the DNC claim.

Remember in 2014 when six US companies were hacked? The US Justice Department indicted five Chinese military officers? That’s what you do when you really have evidence.

There are numerous other gaping holes in the “Russian Hacking” plot line. One absolutely huge one was pointed out a few days ago by Matthew Norman Davies, including my response. Again, there is no “there” there.

I’ll agree that there is no good ending to this story, although not responding militarily (as Clinton spoke in favor of numerous times) is at least not a potentially WWIII / nuclear holocaust ending.

US expatriate living in the EU; seeing the world from both sides of the Atlantic.

US expatriate living in the EU; seeing the world from both sides of the Atlantic.