Interestingly enough, back in my dating days I followed roughly the same method. If I wanted to see her again, I'd gladly pay. If I knew this was (hopefully) the last time I'd see her, I'd say we should split it.

Fortunately in Austria, eating culture is different and the wait staff are not as massively underpaid as in the US, so they don't bring the check automatically, you have to ask. Then 97% of the time the waitperson asks if you want to pay together or separately. This is the time to have the testicular fortitude and say, "Separate." Yes, you'll get some looks from Ms. "You owe me dinner for basking in my presence even though my dog farted all through dinner" (I hoped it was the dog), but you'll save a bunch of money and far more important, it will be clear that this was a single date.

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