I know it's not done that way in the US. I moved here a couple years after university. Part of the reason I stayed is that are much higher societal freedoms here than in the US, and dating was one of the reasons I wanted to stay here.

Ironically, I also wanted to stay because met my future ex-wife and I clearly had a secret desire for decades of legal battles over child visitation and custody...but that is a different story.

In the US I always felt like women (I'm hetero) would try to manipulate a potential date conversation so that I would be the one asking - but most likely that was just the kind of women I attracted back then. (i.e. the problem was me).

Glad you did. Very appropriate if obscure, and makes those of us born before the automobile feel like part of the "in" crowd.

Tom Cruise was awesome in that role. He played Lestat as a murderous monster who enjoyed it. I fucking hated him, which was exactly how the role should have been played. Brad Pitt was also great as the sorrowful vampire. Whether that was great acting or the fact that he wanted so badly out of the role that he tried to quit we'll never know.

I enjoyed the books immensely many years ago despite the huge amount of homoerotic scenes (or because of them? hmmm...). Very engrossing storytelling.

For example: Getting vaccinated because I personally believe that for me the rewards outweigh the risks, but understanding the principle that my personal health calculation does not apply universally to every other person and that everyone else also has the right to choose as I did.

Governments talk about "encouraging" and "asking" people to get vaccinated. But if we can't say "no" then we aren't being asked.

11 extra claps for an obscure Anne Rice reference.

I'm not a huge Michael Moore fan (particularly afer he lost his mind and proposed Michelle Obama as a presidential candidate), but back in the day he got booed off the stage protesting the start of the war in Iraq during his Oscar acceptance speech. THAT was protesting.

If AOC was really a progressive, she'd have been out front of the Met gala with the protesters, not walking up the steps maskless while a masked serf carries her fucking dress train.

Tesla has done a great job of breaking new ground, and Musk has reaped the financial rewards from that (not so much his workers...).

Longer term I agree with something Bob Lutz said years ago about this situation when it was a future theoretical. It is much harder for a technology firm learn how to be a car manufacturer than vice versa. Tesla is a technology firm, Ford a car manufacturer. We'll see in the next few years.

Delivering on time, build quality, spare parts, service, infrastructure, etc. Except for charging stations, Tesla is way behind on all long-term success metrics.

Everyone fucks up sometime! I did something similar and it didn't take so long, but the account wasn't closed. Good luck!

How about "less vunerable." Indestructable means that you can't lose both streams, which may not be likely, but is definitely possible.

Most experts I've read (and from my personal/close experience) say get a buffer of one year if you can before making big changes. The world is very volatile.

Interestingly enough, back in my dating days I followed roughly the same method. If I wanted to see her again, I'd gladly pay. If I knew this was (hopefully) the last time I'd see her, I'd say we should split it.

Fortunately in Austria, eating culture is different and the wait staff are not as massively underpaid as in the US, so they don't bring the check automatically, you have to ask. Then 97% of the time the waitperson asks if you want to pay together or separately. This is the time to have the testicular fortitude and say, "Separate."…

Glad to hear this story is fake. I didn't find it amusing, but maybe I'm just cranky and bitter about stories like this. "Hey, let me rob people just a little bit and it is a feel good story!"

There are real theives just like this from Wall Street and London on yachts off Maliga. They skimmed £3 or $3 off every trade from the pension funds and made £200 million illegally over a few years. They paid a £20 million fine after getting "caught" and laugh about it every night over their drinks.

Jack Albrecht

US expatriate living in the EU; seeing the world from both sides of the Atlantic.

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